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21st February 2020 
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Private personal 1:1 work available and Organisational Consultancy

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The weave of organisational life can be challenging and sometimes feel confusing and complex. Process Consultancy is a way of developing a thinking space with individuals, groups and/or teams and/or boards to clarify issues; cope with stress; consider lack of productivity; low morale; absenteeism; stepping on each others toes; untapped potential; walking on egg shells; reflect on creativity; understand professional relationships; 'personality clashes'; cosy yet trapped; resentments; organisational purpose suffering; pulling in different directions; being underhand; difference amongst us feels like a threat; communication breakdown. So you maybe feeling concerned about your business or organisation or think improvements could be made. As a business consultant, part of the work will be developing awareness of triggers and patterns of behaviour which lead to tasks not being accomplished. You may simply need to talk issues through. Do make contact to discuss the potential that could unfold.

This consultancy service, includes business coaching, is bespoke to requirements in charities, family business, public and corporate sectors and after initial consultation to consider your needs, a clear way forward can be agreed. Reflective practice, away days, action learning sets, mediation are examples of process consultancy - not giving advice, but it may help you to clarify and address organisational difficulties and increase emotional intelligence within the working system. The focus could be managing change; the impact of anxiety; in whom and how authority is taken up; dynamics of leadership and followership; the ripple impact of staff turnover and/or managing change, mergers or acquistion. This can then enable a more creative, successful future. Consultation may last for a period of weeks or months and the regularity and length would be made to measure according to short or long-term need.


The knit between the personal and work roles can get knotty and coaching can help to clarify and bring into focus blind spots. Role consultation can support understanding of the personal/professional interface, allow flexibility and enhanced reflective capacity. Taking up personal authority and transforming leadership capacity may be enabled. Developing a more nuanced sense of followership and leadership dynamics may ensue. Life coaching benefits from targeted, specific attention to transitions, choices and directionality whilst harnessing emotional literacy to support personal development.


The yarn of individual narrative can result in an epic self-fulfilling cycle of repetition and frustration resulting in relationship strife, anxiety, depression, identity crises, stress, trauma, childhood issues, low self esteem, life stage issues, work difficulties, adjustment reactions and/or distress. To create a novel way of understanding distress, psychotherapy looks under the surface at the complexity and its evolvement. Some challenges may have felt lifelong, others more recently manifesting. Bereavement and loss may also be supported. Short and long-term options can be considered. Getting to the heart of issues is an unfolding process and may allow for a sense of relief, clearer sense of self, improved sense of security and robustness, improved experience of relationships and maintaining boundaries and a creative appropach to life.


Various bespoke trainings can be made available. To support a psychologically informed environment (PIE) the Knowledge Understanding Framework of Personality Disorder training is available. This maybe supported by regular reflective practice, which is also available. This process places client need at the heart of good practice, enhancing staff awareness and understanding of the psychological processes at play.